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SevenCats Galerie was founded in 2013 in Albany, NY. The name is a reflection on our feline friends, all of them rescue cats, who have and continue to provide Brigitte company in her atelier; we also have canine family members but they are less gracious with paintings than cats so they spend less time in the atelier with Brigitte during her creative spells. As we build the website we will post pictures of our feline (and canine friends) which as you may guess at one time were seven cats in all.

Microbe & Krumi (2006)

Pebble (2006)

Young Figaro (2008)

D'Artagnan (2013)

Aramis (2014)

Portos (2014)

Leon (2022)

Houston (2006)

Caesar (2004)

Struppi (2007)

Rollo (2013) with Struppi

MiniMundus (2014)

Seven Cats Galerie LLC was founded by Brigitte Wurm to share the artistic vision of her paintings in a gallery-like setting.

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